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The Kangen Water® Store was born out of a need to serve the community. We wanted to make it available for all and to have an inviting space where people could learn about this amazing water and explore some alternative health modalities. If you have heard of Kangen Water®, or even just the benefits of getting alkaline, we would like to invite you to come to The Kangen Water® Store and see all that we have to offer. 

Who We Are

Mikki Meisner 

Kangen Water® has been a huge part of my health journey.   As a 2 X naturopathic cancer survivor, I became  fanatic about my health. After recovering, I began helping people find their way back to balance.  I love supporting  others and am dedicated to  help people step into their power and take control of their own healthy lifestyle.   I have been sharing and educating  the AMAZING Benefits of Kangen Water® for over 11 years!  I opened the Kangen Water® Store so that EVERYONE can experience the many health benefits that KANGEN WATER® has to offer.

The Look Good Feel Good Have More Energy Water!

Water Demonstrations are every Wednesday night from 7 - 8:30

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