Kangen Water Video Subscription

Market & Promote YOUR Kangen Water Business with a new professional video EVERY Month!  Increase your sales and Market like a PRO!

Subscription includes 1 thirty to sixty  second video a month personalized with YOUR email, website and phone number!  You will receive a link to download your Video by the 5th of every month. 


That's 12 customized Videos for the year for only $25 a VIDEO!  We also can make you a video showcasing an upcoming DEMO or EVENT!

Email: Video@MMMProductionsllc.com  for more information about creating a customized video for your Demo or Event.

Example subscription videos

Life is Water

Join the Kangen Water Video Subscription!  It's now so easy to market your business on Social Media with professional videos with Your information!


Stop Poisoning Your Family!

Even if you buy organic there are still many toxins and poisons sprayed on your fruits and veggies.  Now you can remove the toxins with 11.5 strong Kangen Water and feel safe in knowing your family is eating healthy.  TRULY HEALTHY!

Physical Health, Peace of Mind AND Financial Freedom!

These 3 things are the FUNDAMENTALS of your LIFE!  Find out how You can Achieve what you want in LIFE!


Change Your Life

Change Your Water Change Your Life.  Need we say more?


Market YOUR Kangen Water Business like a PRO!

You can now MARKET Like a PRO with your own Video a month!  Get a video  EVERY Month.  Sign up today and get Started!


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